Post-Graduation, How’s It Feel?

To Do List
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So we received a few e-mails from readers asking about updates, and yes… it’s been a while since our last post!

We hope all you Class of 2008’ers are enjoying your summer.  Finally, School’s out! (unless you’re doing summer school that is).  Whether you’re traveling, starting a new job, or just kicking back for a lil bit enjoy your summer before it passes!

With that said, we did run into an interesting article from  The article focuses on time management and getting more things done.  We thought some readers might find this particularly of interest because coming out of college and post-graduation… things can be a little tricky to prioritize and adapt to a new lifestyle.  The article, How to Get a Lot Done – 7 Tips to Achieve More is a great read and we’d highly recommend it!

One particular point struck out the most to us:

3. Work Smart
If you only had a year left to do the things on your lists, would you be satisfied with what you’re spending your time on today?

We believe this may be one of the greatest bits of information any senior coming out from graduation can take in.  While in school it’s so easy to prioritize tasks, homework, and responsibilities (be it academic or social).  Yet in the ‘real world’ this becomes more difficult when working for “the man.”

Best of luck in the road you choose!

– Staff

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