Eating Healthy In College

A healthy diet isn’t easy to maintain in college, we know, we’ve been there. Often meals default to what’s left in the pantry or the closest and quickest trip to a fast food joint. Stocking up on healthy foods can be a chore in itself but also pricey if you’re not sure of what exactly to get.

The post from PickTheBrain covers the basics of Raw Foods. If you’re interested in changing up your diet, check out the post!

A few of our quick tips:

1) Limit your “dining out trips” to x weekly. Instead of going cold turkey and throwing out all fast food dining, tone it down and set a weekly limit such as 2 or 3. Adjust accordingly.
2) Split groceries with roommates. When buying vegetables and produce split the tab to ensure nothing gets spoiled before it can get eaten.
3) Eat a healthy breakfast. Often your breakfast can set the tone for the rest of the day. Fill up on healthy cereal, oatmeal or fruit and watch your day start flying by.

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