College Fashion Trends for 2014


It’s a brand new year and that means a brand new set of fashion trends. Don’t be left out in the cold when the snow melts this the spring. Here are the latest styles you can expect to see strutting through the quad this year.

Throwback – The 1990’s called and they want their overalls back, and a few other things too. That’s right, the 1980’s inspired retro looks incorporating neon and polka dots are out and the 90s styles are back. That means flannel shirts, plaids, lots of overalls and denim adorned with metallic. If you need a refresher on how to do adequately mimic 90s fashion, watch the movie Empire Records.

Metal – Expect to see quite a bit of metallic this spring, not only as added flair on everything from shirts to jeans, but also full metallic panel dresses.

Blouses – When it comes to blouses for spring, it’s all about the button ups. That’s great news for college students who like to keep it comfortable, because pajama-inspired button ups will be all the rage. Longer button up blouses with belts will also be popular.

Athletic – Another bit of good news for the college student who likes being comfortable – or who doesn’t have time to change before going to class after the gym – the athletic inspired look is hot for 2014. That means mesh shirts, pullovers and comfy, sport-inspired fleeces.

How to get the latest fashions on the cheap

Hunt – If you want great clothes at even greater prices, you’re going to have to hunt for deals. One of the best places to go is a used clothing store or thrift shop. Stores like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Company not only sell recycled fashions that are at the peak of the season, they will also buy your old clothes and offer cash or trade credit for their goods.

Swap – If there is one thing that’s true about college girls it’s that they often have too many clothes crammed in their closets. Get together with your sorority sisters or dorm friends and have a clothing swap. It’s a great way to get new clothes for free while also freeing up space in your closet.

Accessorize – You could spend your monthly clothing budget on a new dress that you might wear once, or you could buy a dozen different accessories that you will wear over and over again. Don’t underestimate the power of strategically placed bling. And, for all the college seniors out there, don’t forget that the best graduation bling is a customized graduation sash from Check them out now!

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