Adulting 101

There’s a term loosely going around the internet called “adulting” which basically means being a normal and functioning adult, but here’s the thing… being an adult is really hard. If you thought puberty was a confusing time in your life, well… welcome to round 2.


Adulting, or rather Adultolescence, is what happens when the “real world” starts knocking on your door to make a grand appearance in your life, but chances are you’re probably not ready for that huge change yet. Paying bills? Finding a job? I mean, you’re trying to just graduate college first!


So without further ado, here are a couple tips to make your final years in college amazing, productive, and seamless. Everyone will think you had a plan!

TIP NUMBER 1: Take advantage of the career center at your college.

UCSB’s career center webpage

SEE THIS?! These are resources that you pay for with your tuition so you might as well take advantage of it! Take resume workshops so that it’ll be perfect for submission by your graduation date. Check the listings to see what entry-level jobs are available. Again, this is FREE because it is included in that ridiculous bill called tuition.

TIP NUMBER 2: Focus on really making relationships with your professors.


If you’re planning on applying to graduate school, you’re going to need recommendation letters with your application and if you don’t have a good relationship with your professors, how are they going to recommend you for anything?



When I was a freshman failing almost every class, a senior told me that the secret to getting A’s was going to office hours. She was right. Every class that I should’ve failed or I was on the borderline of receiving an A- or B+, it always worked to my advantage. I got B-‘s instead of D’s and I got A’s instead of B+’s. And not only that, this tip works in conjunction with tip #2 in that while diligently attending office hours, you end up forming a good relationship with your professor.


Of course, every person has a different experience at college and if you have or had other methods of excelling in student life, let us know! What are some tips you have for students about to graduate?