A Productive Spring Break: 3 Things College Seniors Can & Should Do

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photo courtesy Damek
So if you aren’t already in Cancun, Mexico sipping on margaritas and partying out to MTV cameras, we figured you might be interested in doing something a little more productive over spring break.

Here is a short list of 3 recommendations. They aren’t necessarily fun, but hey…better to do it now than when you’re back in the stress of school and thinking about graduation.

3 Productive Things To Do During Spring Break

3. Trash & Rewrite Your Resume. Lifehacker.com has a great article about this, take a read at why you should trash and rewrite your resume.
2. Build your LinkedIn profile. Not sure what that is? Check out an older post of ours about 5 Ways You Can Stand Out from Other Graduating College Seniors.
1. Subscribe to and start reading blogs in the industry you’re looking to find a job in. If you don’t already use an RSS Reader, check out Google Reader for RSS feeds. Once you get the hang of RSS feeds, you’ll wonder how you lived without them! Blog Catalog is a great place to search for blogs you might be interested in. Look at what we found when we did a search for politics or music.

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