5 Reasons College Seniors Should File their FAFSA

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It is now officially 2008 which means you can now file your FAFSA application online! Head on over to the Official FAFSA web site to file today!
Even if you are graduating, if you qualify you should file. Here’s 5 reasons why Every College Senior Should File His or Her FAFSA

  1. In case you fail a course or miscount the number of courses you have left and have to stay an extra year… you’ll be covered.
  2. If you decide to pick up a double-major or minor at the last minute… you’ll be covered.
  3. If you decide, have the smallest inclination to, or your parents are forcing you to attend grad school, med school or law school next year.
  4. In case you have a family or health emergency which requires you to defer a quarter or semester and head back next year… you’ll be covered.
  5. It’s free and you have nothing to lose from doing it!

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