Fighting An Unfair Ticket – Student Tips

Have you ever gotten a ticket that you didn’t feel was fair? The tough part is that now for graduating seniors, if you are issued a ticket in your college town, you may have to make he trip back to your college town to go to court long after you’ve graduated. What does that mean? Well the ticket is now not just the cost of the ticket, but also airfare or gas to get back in town.

So what can you do? Today’s post features a new article on One of the tips mentioned was:
“In the event you wind up with a ticket, it’s one you should be able to easily contest under the right circumstances. If you were sending a text message in the car you’re not going to get out of that one easily, as you shouldn’t be texting while driving, but changing a song while stopped is another story. Simply showing up in court to contest the ticket might be enough, as the officer who wrote that ticket may not want to bother coming to court. ”

For more tips similar to these, check out the full post here.

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