5 Fun (and Educational) Apps for Students


More and more, technology is becoming not just a fun tool, but an essential tool for learning. Devices like tablets and iPads are becoming both encouraged and provided in the classroom setting.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Unified School District (the second largest school system in the United States) agreed to spend millions to provide each of its students with a school-issued iPad. Besides text books and lesson plans, which can be downloaded to devices, there are also a number of educational apps available in which students can learn both inside and outside school hours.

Mashable recently featured 8 of its favorite educational apps for students.

Here’s a peek at a 5 of the apps that made their list:

Presidents vs. Aliens – The aliens are coming to attack, but if you can remember what that famous president once said, you may just survive. This game tests students on historical facts and quotes. When answered correctly, the game provides ammo to players to use against the aliens.

Simple Physics – Often times the principles of physics can seem abstract for students, but not when you play this game. Simple Physics has students design various structures as cheaply as possible and then tests the strength of their designs.

Duolingo – Hola. Habla espanol? This language app helps students learn different languages by turning it into a game. Students get points for each level completed. You only have tres chances to get the answers correct before having to restart a level so practice!

Space Chem – This science app uses the principles from chemistry to create a fun, puzzle type game for students. Even Walter White would approve of this one.

Psychobabble – This word association and vocabulary scramble game not only helps students learn their vocabulary quicker, it might even help them get a jump start when it comes to preparing for tests like the SATs.

What is your favorite educational app? Let us know.

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