Fashion Week… When Is It?

photo credit: Peter Duhon

Do you ever wonder when fashion week takes place?  While the Los Angeles Fashion Week just recently ended, it seems that in some city some place in the world, it’s gearing up.  We’ve recently stumbled upon a great web site for everything fashion in general, from news, to employment opportunities, to retail, and more.  Now this isn’t TMZ fashion and just pictures of celebrities, but a real b2b fashion directory.  If you’re a student studying fashion or interested in a career in fashion, you want to check out

Apparel Search is a very interesting site because of the range of topics it covers.  It is geared towards anyone who is in the industry.  The web site is setup in a directory format so that if you’re new and looking for resources to break into the industry, you can find it.  But it is also very specific so that if you are looking for a customs broker to import your newest raw materials, you can accomplish that as well.

So stop delaying and don’t wait until graduation to jump start your career in fashion, see all the resources that has to offer today!

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