5 Reasons To Wear A Beauty Pageant Sash

No matter what your preconceived notions might be of beauty queens and beauty pageants, the events have come a long way since when your grandma was a girl. Today, they are often called scholarship pageants and are less and less about skin-deep beauty and more and more about confidence building and educational opportunities for contestants.

Considering throwing your sash in the ring in an effort to win a crown? Here are five reasons why it might be worth it.

The Prizes – Each year, the nation’s biggest pageant organizations give away millions of dollars in scholarships and cash prizes to pageant participants. Those who compete at the higher levels can be in the running for upwards of $50,000 in scholarship funds. This can be a great way to help curb the increasing costs of a college education. In addition to money for education, participants also get additional prizes like gift certificates, free products and gift baskets.

World Peace – If you are passionate about a particular cause a pageant is a great way to create visibility for your cause by using it as your platform. Not only will you have the opportunity to speak about and promote your cause, the experience may also provide you a way to target sponsors and important individuals who may be able to help support your cause in the long run.

Public Speaking Skills – Pageant participates are rated heavily on poise, confidence and public speaking skills, attributes that are important not just as a student, but throughout your lifetime and career. If you want to improve your public speaking skills or get over a fear of speaking in front of a group, there is no better way then to enter a pageant.

Networking – Getting involved in pageants means you will meet and befriend peers that you will likely stay friends with throughout your lifetime. You will also be exposed to event organizers, sponsors and judges who can serve to be great connections as you apply for schools or jobs. The saying, “it’s all who you know” is true and pageants are a great way to get connected to those in the know who can help you down the road.

Fun – Let’s face it, pageants aren’t all just about practicing your public speaking and schmoozing, you also get to glam it up in stunning dresses, fun shoes and out-of-this-world makeup. For even those who aren’t super girly, pageants are a fun way to channel your inner girly girl.

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jrmannn/